We work with a broad customer base that has been processed since our inception in 2009.

We carry out assignments for customers in need of film or graphic material for shorter campaigns but we also build long-term relationships for brand building.


Opus Animo is based in Stockholm, Sweden  producing for customers all over the world.

We make animation, illustration and music for businesses that have a clear corporate policy towards a sustainable world and organizations in the entertainment and culture sector.

The company is run by Per Fenger-Krog with a network of animators, filmmakers, sound engineers, musicians and other contacts necessary to complete the varied tasks that it undertakes.

Where other media for storytelling

does not reach

We develop a design that complies with the customer's identity and expression.

We work up script, layout, storyboard and use different softwares to find an outcome that best suits the customer.

We offer an end result in 3D or 2D

with or without sound and music.

Our services are also performed for customers who need advertising or media

for internal and external information by our subsidiary Ekofilm.

Ekofilm collaborates with companies with a clear corporate policy towards a sustainable world.

Please visit ekofilm.se for more information

Get new fresh design and animation to get clarity in what you want to say


The power of animation.

Where the boundaries of storytelling often are limited to the physical world,

you can use animation to go where you could not otherwise.

Into the body, out to space, into the earth, to the fantastic landscape of imagination.

Traditional Animation

Per Fenger-Krog (founder of Opus Animo) started his career with traditional animation in the 90s and has since learned and used several different techniques.
In addition to his knowledge in animation, illustration and music, he is a trained project manager and can be responsible for the design and execution of events, campaigns and projects. Create moving and still media for social media, trade fairs and presentations.

Educational film Children´s film and Book illustration services

Opus Animo makes educational film, children's film and book illustration as some of the services at the company.

Logos and Vignette animation service

Do you need an introductory presentation film or maybe an animated vignette / logo? These are some of the services that Opus Animo offers.

3D animation

Opus Animo can help you make your internal and external communication more clear and easy to understand.
A post with animated film gets an average of 1200% more spread on social media.

Cutout animation

If you need infographics or information videos that clarify what your business is about, that show how the organization's services and products are used and work, then Opus Animo can help you.
Animation and illustration are ultimate to use to communicate externally and internally.
A product's sales increase by an average of 180% with a video attached.


We make graphic material and illustrations 


The glue between brain and heart.

Add a 4th dimension to your production and

get more focus to your product or service through music.

Matilda Mörk

Music made for Matilda Mörks second and latest album.

Performed by her band.

Cirkity Gravikus

Compositions made for the New Circus stage performances "By Accident" and "What a Family"

Juli Apponen

Compositions made for Juli Apponens "Lost and Found"

Unga Folkteatern Gothenburg

Compositions made for the theatre "Sårskorpor" by Unga Folkteatern


The song "Saving Daylight" in collaboration with Egån Johansson


Music made for the trio Lyster for stage performaces.

Cello: My Hellgren

Violin: Maria Andrén

Grand Piano: Per Fenger-Krog



Editing 6 episodes of Dinotalks for We Dont Have Time. An environmental organization.


Made an informative animation for Impact Jobs


Opus Animo produced an webepisode of the vlog Samklang through its subsidary Ekofilm


Animation for KFUM Central in Stockholm

Completed an instructional animated film for KFUM Central that will be used internal and external for

explaining the purpose of the organisation. It will be released early in november.


Films for Exctinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future

Ekofilm, the subsidary of Opus Animo, made films for Exctinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future that can be

watched here


Completed printed matter and animation for Woodsafe

In cooperation with Webexpo we have made some material to be used in marketing for Woodsafe.


Bookrelease of Filosofaxen II

We had the bookrelease of Filosofaxen II, Illustrated poetry and philosophic thoughts at Café String in Stockholm.


Updated the information animation about Smart Inventory

launched  the 17th dec 2017


Opus Animo produced a vignette through its subsidary Ekofilm for Jävligt Gott

Showing at the Bråvalla festival as a start


We completed 3D graphics for Intergalaxy Media

Soon to be published at Carat Casino homepage


Completed an educational program in clayanimation for children at KFUM Bromma


Watch the new film for Buskincity

Buskincity is a network of buskers living around the world. Opus Animo just made a film for them to

more easily reach their destinations for their streetperformances.


We completed the work for Dramakvarnen.

This time we made printed matter and animations for the show Ensamvargen & Rödluvan (Lonely Wolf & Little Red Ridinghood)


We are back in place after the summer's activities. With a new logo and a new website, we want to find a direction towards the task more specifically in the entertainment and culture sector.

We are therefore also launching the subsidiary Ekofilm who will take the part of the mission that has been advertising and information films targeting sustainable future


We have started working on the last book in the trilogy Filosofaxen

The book is scheduled for release in early 2017.


Animation for opening and ending credits, integrated animation for film, shortfilm and theater, musicvideos, presentation movies for cultural events and cultural practitioners,

Graphics and illustrations for books, comics and printed matter for cultural events and cultural practitioners

Music for film, theater and presentation movies of cultural events and practitioners


  • We Dont Have Time
  • Klimatkollen
  • Impact Jobs Sweden
  • Jävligt Gott
  • Exctinction Rebellion
  • Fridays for Future
  • Dockhus Animation
  • Hello Films
  • Strindlund Design
  • Norrenergi
  • Intergalaxy Media
  • Webexpo
  • Enno Media
  • Dramakvarnen
  • Buskin City
  • Wussap
  • Pocket Media
  • EIT Digital masterschool
  • World Dance Company
  • Kulturhuset Oceanen
  • Hellbom film
  • Filmtecknarna
  • Kalle Skatt
  • Happy Life Animation
  • Eyebrite Film & Visions
  • Swedish Film & Television




  • Maya
  • TV Paint
  • After Effects
  • Freehand
  • Open Toonz


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Freehand


  • Propellerhead Reason
  • Cubase
  • Acoustic Instruments


    • Adobe Premiere