Sample of 3D animation

made for Intergalaxy Media.

Opus Animo offers productions in both 2D and 3D.







Opus Animo is based in Stockholm, Sweden  producing for customers all over the world.

We do animation, illustration and music for businesses and organizations in the entertainment and culture sector.

The company is run by Per Fenger-Krog with a network of animators, filmmakers, sound engineers, musicians and other contacts necessary to complete the varied tasks that it undertakes.

Where other media for storytelling

does not reach

We develop a design that complies with the customer's identity and expression.

We work up scripts, layouts, storyboards and then use different softwares to find an outcome that best suits the customer.

We offer an end result in 3D or 2D

with or without sound and music.

Our services are also performed for customers who need advertising or media

for internal and external information by our subsidiary Ekofilm.

Ekofilm collaborates with companies with a clear corporate policy towards a sustainable world.

Please visit ekofilm.se for more information

Get new fresh design and animation to get clarity in what you want to say

Visiting • Skånegatan 69  Stockholm

Delivery • Frimurarvägen 38  127 60 Skärholmen

46 (0) 732 477467

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