If you like a signed Filosofaxen 3 you can come visit The Stockholm International Comicsfestival

9-10th of may were Per Fenger-Krog participates

Welcome to the release of Filosofaxen 3, sunday the 12th april, 12-6 p.m. at Skåneg,69, Stockholm, Sweden.

Filosofaxen is a book with illustrated philosophic poems by Per Fenger-Krog

The animated EIT ICT Masterschool video are now updated and can be found here

We finished the work animating the music video "Why Mankind" together with Hello Films for Daniel & Emma.

Watch it here Videolink


This is the official site for the production company Opus Animo.

Opus Animo creates projects for theaters, moving picture, webdesign companies and others in need of
animation, special effects (VFX), moviescores and soundeffects.

Vignette and Showreel © Opus Animo - Animation & Music

Opus Animo is based in Stockholm, Sweden producing for customers all over the world.
The company is formed and run by Per Fenger-Krog who is a musician, animator and a graphic artist.

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